30 June 2006

Observed on the Metro

I saw a woman whose hair resembled a sea anemone. Now, sometimes my hair is not unlike a sea anenome, but never on purpose. This was most definitely on purpose, as it was perfectly coiffed and this woman was obviously on her way to work. Each little spike of hair was all the same length, evenly spaced in a perfect little spiky poof on her head. Not an odd hairstyle for a late 70's early 80's Sex Pistols fan, but a very odd style for a middle aged professional type woman.

Last week, there was a man sleeping on the train. Youngish, in a dapper suit with good shoes (always something to check out on boys as it says a lot if he cares about his footwear). Dead asleep. He had a black knit cap pulled down over his eyes like an urban sleep mask for the tired commuter. What's funny, is that this happened in June. It may be a great idea for catching some extra winks while otherwise doing nothing, it just looks a little doofy when it's 87 degrees out with amazonian humidity.

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