17 July 2006

Hottest day OF THE YEAR!

Congratulations, God, on creating one freakin' hot day of summer fun today. Not only is it blistering hot out, but you'd think DC had been transplanted to the rainforest it's that humid. I'm tempted to see if you really CAN fry an egg on the sidewalk, but I'm too wimpy to suffer outside in the name of science.

On the flip side, bravo to the creators of the air conditioning system in my office!! You could have hung sides of cow in my cubicle and they would have stayed fresh. Hoards of tourists wandered around the mall like groups of flesh eating zombies that would tear your arm off just to get the ice cream cone in your hand, trying to be excited that they were On Vacation but really just wanted dad to quit it with the educational crap and can't we go back to the hotel pool? Meanwhile, I sat inside bundled up in a sweater and sipped a big cup of decaf in an attempt to keep warm.

How about it, God, why don't you get together with those air conditioner engineers and together you two come up with some nice middle ground? I've heard San Diego is like this...Can't you share the wealth with the rest of the U.S.? Please??


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