25 July 2006

I'm on my knees begging now...

So tomorrow is now a real interview with this company. I'm trying not to pee my pants with anticipation. We're praying they like him and he's offered the position. We'll be poor, but we'll have health insurance and a roof over our heads and really, do we need much more than that? Not to mention my mental health will take a turn for the better once I'm out of the soul-sucking job and at home with my baby. I'd take my college diploma and use it to clean toilets before I would put my daughter in daycare to sit in a cube for 40 hours a week and have my life sucked away by The Man anymore than I've already put up with. So God, I know you're listening, please send a little love our way. Not that you haven't been, but now, The Job, would really be appreciated.

And a certain little pumpkin has started sitting by herself. She's still a bit of a weeble on her well padded diaper bum, but she stretches her arms out to keep her balance, which works fine until she either gets so excited she arches her back in joy and tips over that way, or she decides her toes look mighty tasty and she folds in half. Either way, it provides hours of amusement for Jim and I.

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