31 July 2006


It's been 7 hour since I was shot full of novicane, and My bottom left lip is still numb. Nothing like going to the dentist, tra-la-la, expecting to come out with clean shiny teeth and finding out that pregnancy wrecked havoc on your gums and you have to have them scraped and 3 teeny caveties filled. Oh, and then come back next week to have the SAME EXACT TORTURE wraught upon you on the other side. At least it was an excuse to partake in my current favorite stress relieving past-time: Ice cream. Turkey Hill light recipe moose tracks. I try to finish the container without breaking down and fishing out the fudge stripes and little baby peanut butter cups first. Because then you just have a tup of stirred up vanilla and that's no fun at all.

Tomorrow: Jim has a LUNCH DATE. With the 3 members of the HR staff at the place that wants to hire him. They called not more than 2 hours after he got off his 2nd phone interview. They way we figure, you don't waste good lunch money on people you aren't interested in. Fingers are crossed that there is an offer letter in our future...Especially as we need the money now to pay off my dental work.


Shafa said...

Dentists are the devil.

Found you through Somewhere on the Masthead. Great writing here! Bookmarked!

Katie said...

thanks shafa! your complement made my day!!