28 July 2006

Pre-weekend wrap-up

Things seen on the metro this week (other than hoards of sweaty tourists):

  • A man who had bolted a seat onto a Segway and was using it in lieu of a wheelchair.
  • A woman with no arms and no legs (which I thought only existed in bad jokes overheard at the boys lunch table in junior high).
  • A middle-aged woman going on and on to her friend about this babydoll she has that she buys clothes for every season and dresses up and puts in a car seat in order to take her out with her. This creeped me out more than the bairy bug in the shower the other day.

Most enjoyable moment at the soul-sucking job:

  • Getting to meet my coworker's newly adopted little girl who came all the way from China.

Most enjoyable moments at home:

  • Trying Natalie out on the park swings for the first time
  • Watching her get used to the taste of this rice cereal stuff - can't wait to start peas next week!
  • Finding my belt! YEEHAW! Sometimes it really is the little things.
  • Seeing my sweet baby sit up all by herself for longer than 2 seconds.
  • Having a very happy husband after his interview, which went splendidly, and made him really want this job for so many reasons. The benefits are great, and hearing the worlds "We'll make the salary work" come out of his mouth were a God-send. Literally. Because I had a pretty good idea of how we could make it work, but I was worried he'd be a little more difficult to convince. Should be getting a call today to set up a 2nd interview. Fingers crossed...

Weekend plans:

  • Heading up to PA/NJ to visit the parents and the grandparents and the uncle who will be in town.
  • Meeting my best friend's 3 week old little girl for the first time. We've already arranged the marriage of her 2 year old son to Natalie in approximately 22 years. Not really, but wouldn't that be great fun?
  • Going "shopping" in my mom's friend's basement. Their daughter is 14 now and doesn't need all her kid stuff, which is all top quality and in excellent condition, and we get first dibs - the rest is going on ebay.

And that's it. Didn't seem like too eventful of a week, but I guess it was in some ways. Weekend should be hectic but enjoyable, praying now that my car holds out and we don't get stuck in any thunderstorms on the way up tonight. I'm also working on my post for Shape of a Mother, which is doing all kinds of good for me and my confidence levels. Next week holds a trip to my shrink, the dermotologist (Mole Gone Wild), and hopefully the dentist, because I chipped a tooth last night. Nothing noticeable, but I can feel the sharp edge and I swear it's going to drive me nuts.

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