24 July 2006

Pretty please with a cherry on top

Jim had a FANTASTIC phone interview today. Company is stable, established, he'd be doing what he wants to be doing, and from the friend who works there, the people are pretty great, too. Not to mention the uber-short commute and full paid-for health insurance. But it would be a 6K pay cut from the last job. We were hoping for 2K more than the last job. It's OK, I think. I must crunch numbers and talk to our accountant, but I *think* we can swing it. I'm praying with all my might that if this is The Job, we'll know it, and the extra money will come in somehow to tide us over.

I've already got one part time gig - ghost writing for my dad for a nerdy "accounts receivable" newsletter (He's a credit consultant - that's one step above accountants on the bore-o-meter). But it's a nice little chunk of change for me.

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