13 July 2006

Venting is healthy

I know I meant this blog to be a place to post good things in hopes of helping me have a more positive outlook on life, but sometimes, you just gotta rant. Here's a brief rundown of my rollercoaster life in the past 5 months:

Had a baby
Had a c-section
Husband lost his job
Grandparents health took a turn for the worse
Got termites
Owed taxes

Can't breastfeed due to defective boobs
Don't fit any clothes
Went back to work when baby was 2 months old
Wasn't planning on going back to work in an office EVER

Got thrush...twice
My paycheck and his unemployment check barely cover the bills each month, but...
Bills are getting paid
Unemployment checks end in November
Amnesty on student loans ends in November
Lost baby weight
Haven't lost chocolate ice cream weight
No vacation in sight
Grandparents got better
Eye infection
Fun neighbors moved out of state
Car didn't pass inspection
Called for jury duty
Jury duty can be deferred for breastfeeding
Still no clothes that fit
Yard is a wreck
Basement is dry despite Biblical rains
Gutters need to be replaced
Sanity needs to be found

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I'm doing my best to get your husband employed :) Here's hoping you get to come home soon...