27 July 2006

You know you are a mom when:

(1) You pick a big booger out of your kids nose, in public, and don't even think twice about it.

(2) You catch yourself popping your sore, cracked nipple out of your shirt to see how it's doing, then remember that you are in your cubicle. At work. With boys nearby.

(3) You get poop on your finger and just wipe it off and continue with the diaper change, yet you still get freaked out when there is a long legged bug in the shower.

(4) You discover you need to do laundry because there is nothing to wear to work that doesn't have drool/spit up/rice cereal on it.

(5) All of the above happen in a 24 hour period, and you wouldn't trade it for anything (Except maybe some more sleep. And a body that looks like Jennifer Aniston's but only runs on chocolate).

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