20 August 2006

Ask me about my weekend...

I am now the crazy lady. After running outside to ask the neighbor's roofers if they can come over to my house and see if there is a way to shut off the water and make sure it hasn't leaked between the walls, I'm sure people were sniggering at me, all sopping wet in my green flannel bathrobe that probably still has breast milk stains on it from Natalie's first 6 weeks of life (aka the Mommy-was-starving-the-baby-because-she-can't-produce-enough-milk-even-though-the-baby-nurses-All-The-Time phase). It all started as I was getting out of the shower, and the cold water faucet CAME OFF IN MY HAND. Not just the knob, but the whole 6 or 7 inches of plumbing apparatus that goes behind it. "Fire hydrant" is an accurate description of what came next. Following by lots of yelling 'JIM!!!' (who had just left for the gym) and a handful of 'SHIIIIIIT's and 'OH FUCK's. Then running in a towel to get our tenant, who might have seen my nakid arse as I was dropping the towel to switch into the robe to go find a neighbor.

Turns out there is no shut off valve for just the bath, so the whole house had to be turned off while we jammed the pipe back in. Couldn't use the cold water in the tub/shower, though, so getting ready for church this morning was a blast. Fortunately I had had that fateful shower on Saturday, so I was clean, relatively speaking. Natalie got a sink bath, the kitchen counters were cleaned thanks to her splashing, and Jim took a bath, but as we could only fill the tub with hot water, he had to fill it and then wait for it to be cool enough to get in it. This included pouring a couple of pitchers of cold water and all the ice cubes from the freezer in there. Nevertheless, we were late. Oh! But the bathroom floor is clean. That's what happens when you have a fire hydrant in your shower and 2 inches collects on the floor.

Nice weekend, huh? A big ass gin and tonic with lime made it all better.

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