29 August 2006

Clean bill of health

Check up at the pediatritian went well today. 27 inches long and 17lbs 4oz! Turns out she's not as chubby as we thought...she's 80th percentile in height, but only 50th in weight. Curious. It was so sad how she was hamming it up for the nurse who was about to jam needles into her fat little theighs for this visits round of shots. But, like the trooper she is, she was back to smiles and giggles by the time we were back in the waiting room and promptly fell asleep in the car.

Not that I had any doubts about her health, she's a happy kid and everything seems fine. It's just REALLY nice to hear she's A-OK from someone who knows. Like getting a report card for your parenting. So happy I'm passing. She's much easier than chemistry or AP calculus...

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