15 August 2006

Endless summer

It's been about 64 hours since our A/C broke. Sunday wasn't so bad, and it cooled off enough at night so that sleeping was actually rather pleasant. Yesterday we lasted through the morning, then did some errands and came home to find the house at 83 degrees. Windows are open, curtains are strategically closed, fans are blowing, and yet when bedtime came around (after spending the afternoon and evening like refugees at a friends house), the temp was up to 87. We slept in the basement. Jim got the futon since he had to go to work today and Natalie and I got the floor. It was a joy, honestly. Never has my back been this crooked and I don't think I've functioned on this little sleep since I was in college and trying to study for finals AND practice with the crew team for the big end of the year regatta in Philly (Dad Vail). This morning, when it's 7:30, the thermostat says 81, and you are dripping sweat, what would you do? Pack up toys, diapers, books, change of clothes, formula, lunch, and head to starbucks till your friends all go to work and you can sneak back into their house with your spare emergency key? Yup, you guessed it. Friends rock, though, and I even called before hyjacking Lisa's laptop (hi Lisa!!). I'm supposed to be "working from home" so I suppose checking that pesky work email would be nice.

Anyway, I'm just so beat down right now. Kind of feel like Job, except without all the destruction of crops and killing of family. Don't know how he managed it, but despite feeling beat down, my faith in God and His provision isn't failing. I'd kind of like it if He'd stop trying to teach us lessons or something, but whatever. He provided a super fun elderly neightbor who works with commercial heating/cooling units who is in the process of fixing ours at cost. He seemed insulted that we wanted to pay him for his labors, because "For neighbor? This is what I do!" So it'll really cost us just parts and a big batch of cookies I think. And that is surely God's doing. I just hope God's will includes having it all fixed by this afternoon like hoped so we can sleep in our bed tonight, since I really have to go to work tomorrow.

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