02 August 2006


There is a meeting going on in my office today titled "CrossTalk." It's an attempt to get the different teams together to discuss the big picture of what they are all doing independantly for the overhead goal our office is committed to.

Having grown up in the church, I can't help but giggle every time I walk past the conference room (thank God I don't have to go to this meeting - sometimes being fairly low on the totem pole pays off), since "CrossTalk" to me sounds like some sort of bad youth group event focused on what the bible says about relationships or how Jesus is a model for our lives. Some sort of feel good talk that was basically supposed to keep our hands out of other people's pants. Forget challenging us spiritually or anything, they just didn't want to become the "youth group with all the pregnant girls."

[Gee, wonder why I conviced my parents to let me stop going circa 10th grade. Hmm. Wonder if my not going explains why I was one of the few who got out of dodge when it was time for college, moved to a city, lived life, traveled, and then got married. Guess which road I'd take again in a heartbeat if I had the opportity to do it all again?]

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