17 August 2006


Gene Weingarten wrote me back! I feel so special...His online chats are my raison d'etre every Tuesday. Tuesday is by far the crappiest day of the week - Monday has all the franticness of being "Monday" and therefore usually ends quickly, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is one day away from Friday, and Friday is, well, Friday. Tuesday's got nothing. Except Gene, and his chats, and discussions of breast size, bathroom habits, visible panty lines, proper grammar, comics, and pretty much the humor of everyday life. I missed his chat this past Tuesday, what with the lack of A/C and living like refugees at other people's homes, but was able to read the chat transcript on Wednesday, where I discovered the weekly poll was about breast size. Highly academic in nature, I assure you. Reminded me of my favotire movie, and on a lark, I emailed Gene.

I wrote:

Mike Myers best movie* is "So I Married an Axe Murderer." It has so many great lines, one of the best being:

Harriet: "Charlie, what do you look for in a woman?"
Charlie (Mike Myers): "I know everyone always sense sense of humor, but I'd have to go with breast size."

Priceless, and I can't believe I missed last weeks chat and couldn't submit it. At my wedding, we tried to script it into a toast given by the best man (my husbands brother) about something the groom told him about me, the bride. But we couldn't pull it off. Would have been worth it for the priceless look of shock on my grandparents faces (grandpa wouldn't have gotten the reference but would have LOVED it, while grandma probably would have had a stroke because someone said "breast" out loud in mixed company), as well as the joy of seeing those handful of friends who love the movie, too, falling out of their chairs because they are laughing just that hard.

Also, on the breast sized based poll, you should have had a third category for women, along the lines of "porn star sized bazongas." As a C-cup, I fit with the C- and D-cup women, but next to my mom, a sweet cherubic woman who is somewhere around an F-cup, I am but a carpenter's delight in comparison.

A humble panty slinger,

*I may be biased because it was my and my best friends favorite movie in college to watch when we were stressed, and usually over a couple of drinks when the studying session became a lost cause around 2am.

Gene wrote back:

I like that movie.

Wo-man.... Whoa man!

Do you know there IS a size f? One of my close friends, a young, slim woman, is a size F. She is writing a story about it.


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