21 August 2006

How to tire out a 6 month old

You simply have to get her so excited with life that she flops asleep in the middle of her lunch time bottle. A trip to the coffee shop worked wonders, as there were ceiling fans to watch spinning, mommy to chew on, and waiters and bartenders to flirt with. Her eyes went back in their sockets when we got in the car, she slept the whole way home, got up long enough to have her bottle and nurse a little, and is now sacked out in her crib listening to Mozart, where I expect she'll stay sleeping soundly for at least another hour. So worth the drive downtown for a peaceful afternoon. Me? I'm a dork. I'll be cleaning closets. Real Simple or one of those organizational shows on TLC should hire me. I've done wonders when it comes to creative storage solutions for our house (AKA the 2 bedroom apartment with den and a yard).

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