31 August 2006

I am now a brunette

What was I before, you ask? I started out life strawberry blond, then a nice light to dirty blond that always bleached out white in the summers. Then it become most definately dirty blond and I would sometimes get highlights if there was a special event or something coming up. Then I started coloring it "honeydip" which was cheaper than getting highlights and just made my natural color look nicer. Then I got pregnant, and my hair got beyond blah. "Poop brown" was what I called it, although it was really just an ashy brown with some blond still on the ends from where it was growing out (um, last haircut was...a year ago? Maybe a little more?). In need of some drama in my life (as if the summer of unemployment, broken AC, and plumbing adventures wasn't enough), I went crazy and bought "chocolate caramel." It's nice. And tasty. And I forgot to tell Jim I was doing this...oops. We'll see if he notices.

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