04 August 2006



Happy times in the aubergine house tonight! Much take out chicken was consumed with wild abandon, faux-champagne was uncorked, then drunk, then drunk some more. Ice cream was eaten out of the container. Babies waved their icey teething rings with joy, happy to giggle along in the celebrating. Which will hopefully continue later this evening once it's a little cooler and we can get busy, if ya know what I mean. Marriage is really hard, but it does have its perks. A huge cloud has been lifted. Life isn't going to be easy, I'll still be doing whatever I can to earn money for our household and we'll still have to be frugal, but our quality of life just went up like a cajillion degrees. Jim will be happy doing what he loves with nice people and close to home, I'll be home where I want to be (who cares what I'll be doing other than taking care of Natalie), and together, we can make this work.

God has provided for us this far, with the means to hang in there, and now Jim has a GREAT new job. I'm hoping this is the start of a provdential upswing, and that more good things will come our way. Not that we, as sinners, yada yada yada, deserve any of it, but as humans who have put up with a lot in the past year, it sure as heck would be nice.

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