28 August 2006


It's official: I have an estranged brother. He sent my parents an email saying he doesn't want them contacting him. Evidently they screwed up his life by making him go to church and do swimming (What? He was talented enough to make it to States? It's not like the pushed him to swim and he sucked at it...). Now he wants to run his own life. I'm angry, upset, mad, pissed off, and really really sad for my parents all at once. Yet part of me wants to gloat and say "Ha! I'm the good kid!" Still, I know I'm not perfect, I just did a better job at hiding the things my parents would hate while still keeping in contact with them. I stopped talking to them somewhere around 9th grade about anything to do with boys and a social life. I continue to think it's odd that my grandmother has 2 brothers (actually, just one, as one died last year) that I've never met. They send Christmas cards and occasional phone calls. I don't know why. I was happy that at least my brother and I, while not bestest friends or anything (that 6 year age difference only started shrinking recently), weren't like that. Hopefully his estrangement won't last long. Hopefully he's got some really good influences over there in the Air Force that will make him reflect on things. It's in God's hands now.

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Christie said...

sorry for the family troubles. :(