18 August 2006

So weird

It's my last day at work. The larger work population doesn't know I'm leaving. Things are still up in the air about working part time from home, even though it's actually looking like that will fly. So I'm not handing off any files or documents or tasks to anyone, I'm just not going to be here on Monday, or any other Monday for that matter. I'll still be reachable via email and phone, so I'll still be working unofficially part time from home till something formal is signed off on, it's all just strange. This office is known for it's to-do's, it seems anything is a reason to have cake (remember that Seinfeld episode where Elaine's office has cake all the time? Yea, I've thought about taping that episode a showing it at one of our many functions. But then again the cakes and food are usually homemade and really tasty, so I can't say I detest said functions all that much). But not today, not for me. If it does become official that I'm working part time from home, I will be in the office, probably once a week or so, to drop off/pick up/chat with my boss (who is so cool he flat out told me he doesn't mind if I bring Natalie with me). So I'm not disappearing forever. But then again, it might not work out and then I'll have to come in one last time to take care of handing off all my stuff. Who knows. Regardless, the pair of fancy sandals under my desk and my pictures and handlotion and coffee mug will be coming home today.

It's just a weird day.

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