07 August 2006

Technology kicks ass

I got to talk to my friend in Japan this morning! Woohoo! She's in the Navy (...you can sail the seven seas! In the Navy...), hasn't been stateside (or at least on the east coast) in forever, and I happened to email her at the same time she was online, so she picked up her trusty internet phone (Is it even a phone? Perhaps just a mic hooked to your computer? I so don't even know...) and gave me a ring. Here I am, sitting at work, and she just climbed Mount Fuji yesterday.

All this excitement is masking the fact that I am dreading talking to my boss(es) today about my whole work situation. It's a known fact that I hate confrontation; I have no kahones when it comes to speaking out for something I believe in. I can't even argue with friends sometimes about why I love a movie they all think is dumb. I just get snookered in and end up keeping my mouth shut. Fingers crossed that I can come across as professional and deserving of a part time work from home (aka "off site" if we're being technical) situation.

I think I might have to go throw up I'm so anxious about it.

I also use too many parenthesis (oh well).

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