13 August 2006

Venting is healthy, part 2

A month ago, life was a little crazy. Since then, it's still been crazy.

Jim got a job
Car passed inspection
Eye infection came back
Went to hot dermatologist
Moles gone wild checked and removed
Moles really hadn't gone wild, just thinking about it

Still can't fit into any clothes
Had $300 worth of dental work done
Went back and spent $300 more on the other side
Teeth no longer bite the same on each side, must go back a 3rd time
Did I mention Jim got a job?
Still no word on my job...
Still no word on how we'll pay the mortgage next month...
Jim got a new tire
AC broke
New tire went flat 24 hours later
Baby had her first cold
Baby gave her cold to me and Jim
Um, still trying to focus on the good of Jim's new job...
Everyone else went or is going on vacation
We have none planned
I get to stay home with my baby starting some this week
Have to pay a babysitter for 2 days this week
Must take money out of savings to pay babysitter
But babysitter is super sweet and a possible new friend
We still have a roof over our heads
We are (reasonably) healthy

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