11 September 2006

5 years

I was able to get through about 20 minutes of the morning news today, just long enough to see the weather report, before I had to turn it off and it's staying off all day. So the terror attacks on the WTC and Pentagon and a field in PA were five years ago today. Almost five years ago to the moment I'm typing this. I was in VA, in line at the DMV to get my new drivers liscense and plates (I had been living in the DC area for a year and was finally getting around to it). Some girl in line got a call from her aunt in Oklahoma City to say that she heard a plane had crashed into the Pentagon. The Pentagon was a mere, I don't know, 5 miles away from my house? There were no televisions in the DMV, and cell service was nuts. My dad finally got through to me, and my roommate, whose father works at the Pentagon and whose boyfriend worked in lower Manhattan. Not till I got home, and saw the news did I fully know what happened. And for 3 years, till I got married and moved to MD, my drivers liscense said "Date Issued: 09-11-01"

It was a terrible event, horrible. Personally, I don't know anyone who was taken. But I have friends who lost loved ones, there were a couple people from my highschool class lost, my mom even had the daughter of one of the pilots in her classes for 3 years. For some reason, I can't bear all the news coverage of the anniversary today. To me, it feels like re-opening old wounds. Sure, in one sense I'll "never forget," as we're told so many times, the events of today, but at the same time, all I want to do is move forward. Still, my heart goes out to those that are still hurting physically and emotionally from what happened. To those people, I wish you hope and peace.

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