05 September 2006

Feels like Monday

I sit her typing at the desk, with the window open directly next to me, where the rain is coming down in sheets. It's lovely. I adore rainy days and find them perfect. More than a few in a row and they get a bit dreary, but after a day or two of sun I'm ready for more. Perhaps I should move to Seattle...but I digress. Natalie is in her crib, alternating between warbling and hollering (yes, they are different) where she is dead tired but refusing to sleep. Wish I could take her nap for her, but alas, I've got boring old work to do. And I've been putting off cleaning up my piles in anticipation of the houseguests this weekend, too. Should probably get crackin. I should probably be doing a lot of other chores like cleaning the bathroom, making groccery lists, vacuuming, etc. But I'm not. I find I can't make up my mind what I should do and therefore I don't do anything.

Exciting, huh? Riveted to your seat, eh?

I'm enjoying life as a "stay at home mom" which is a term I also loathe for reasons I'm not certain of. I just don't like it. Yes, I'm a mom. Yes, I'm home during the day. But I'm busy, I talk to other humans (like my boss, who called while I was breastfeeding...if only he knew...), I have a life, at least sort of. If it wasn't raining, we'd probably have gone for a long walk that culminated with a sit at the park with my book while Natalie snoozed in her stroller. I'm contemplating a library trip, but then I'd have to take a shower because I don't think they let stinky spit-up-upon mama's with greasy hair and ill fitting clothes and no bra on in there. Pretty picture, isn't it? I kind of revel in it because to me, it's one of the biggest advantages of working from home: Not having to get dressed in the morning. I'm feeling at ease lately, and *almost* happy if I dare say so. Still have lots on my mind, still have lots in there that needs sorting out. But for now, it's not so bad.

I suppose I should take advantage of my time and get to those piles and off of the damn computer. I'm back on my diet (no sugar) and man, I could really go for a milkshake right about now. Chocolate, of course. Good think it's raining or I'd be tempted to make a run for one.

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