26 September 2006


It's been a rough week. For so many reasons. I could probably write 17 posts explaining why. But I won't. Something has been added to my daughters life this week that I didn't plan on her experiencing for a while: PBS

I'm not against TV, I knew a time would come when she'd become addicted to Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow and whatever animal programs were on the Discovery Channel. I just didn't think it would happen when she was only 7.5 months old. Up till now I did most anything possible to make sure she couldn't see the TV, turning her back to it if I was trying to eat breakfast and watch the news, or just not having it on when she was around. She's just gotten to a point where mamma is the only one that will do, and not just mamma, but she has to be in mamma's lap, pulling her hair, and trying to eat mamma with her gummy little toothless mouth in order to be a pleasant child at times. It's really hard to do even the simplest things with a drooling monkey attached to your hip 24/7, so one day I couldn't take it anymore and plopped her down in the exercauser (a.k.a. the poopersaucer) and turned on Sesame Street and went to take a shower. Bert and Ernie gave me 20 glorious minutes to go from train wreck to somewhat less of a train wreck who smelled nice, had food in her tum, and was even able to make a business call DURING BUSINESS HOURS. True bliss which eliminated all guilt of putting my baby in front of the TV. To her credit, she alternates between banging around on the exersaucer and watching. At least she's not glued to it like an odd little bald zombie. At least not yet. We'll see how that's going in a few years.

But it also got me wondering...do they still show "vintage" Sesame Street from the pre-Elmo days of my youth? There's all these new characters and graphics and stuff that makes me long for the old days, you know, the '80s. I must find out...

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