30 September 2006

It's Official

Jim's seasonal allergies (or should I say "allergies") are about 10% actual, and 90% psychosematic (or however one spells that). Just don't tell him I say so.

It's been driving me nuts this weekend, as it's GORGEOUS outside, but we can't open any windows in thehouse because of his "allergies." Memo to my husband: You don't know this, but as soon as you leave for work, I open every ding dang window in the house. The fresh breeze is good for my soul. And that phone call I ask you to make when you are heading home? You know, so I can plan dinner? It's actually so I know to go around closing all the windows so you don't freak out. Surprise, surprise, your "allergies" haven't been bothering you much at all this fall. But this weekend, I crack a window while you are out doing errands and you come home before I close it and you FREAK OUT how congested you are all how your sinuses are going to explode and how you have to go NOW to take a cocktail of allergie meds and change the filter in the A/C. What-fucking-ever. You may in fact have actual allergies, but I think you have to spend an afternoon frolicing in a field of ragweed before they actually kick in.

(It should be noted that I, too, have seasonal allergies. I get itchy and my eyes get itchy and I have to take out my contacts and then I'm sneezing and sound like a frog. I just choose extra body lotion, long sleeves, wearing my glasses, and the occasional sudafed over being stuck inside a closed up house on a perfect 72 day in September).

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Jen said...

Katie, I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that I COULD HAVE WRITTEN THIS EXACT SAME POST. I air the bedroom every day with no allergic repercussions but if I so much as crack it on the weekend my partner shuts the window with great emphasis and the complaining starts.

On top of it she has asthma, and her asthma is induced by environmental allergens. I understand we live in a stinky, hyper-perfumed world, but over the past 6 years I have had to give up perfume and scented shower gels and bath salts and lotions and hand creams and face washes and massage oils and laundry detergent and even sweet-smelling herbs in my closet. Which is not her closet. I have to keep my soap outside of the shower, and I only use my soap (which does have some scent) and my lime-patchouli lotion (which I insist on using because it makes me happy to smell good) during the week and not on the weekend when she is home.

I suppose I should be willing to give up all of these things, right? Well perhaps if it came with a little less righteousness...

Anyway, GOOD POST, it made me say "yeah! YEAH!"