10 September 2006

Seven Months

Yesterday, you turned seven months old. I now know why my mom calls me every year for my birthday at 8:02am, the time I was born. It's because every 9th of the month, I replay the events leading up to your birth at 10:40pm in my head and get a little misty. It's still amazing to me that you lived INSIDE ME for 9 months.

And today, we dedicated you at church. Big deal for us. Big deal to stand in front of our congregation and ask for their help in raising you in the church, raising you to be a child of God, and admitting that as parents we can't do it alone. But no one really listens to all that, they are transfixed watching you as Dr. Norris carried you up and down the aisle. We were swarmed by every single old lady afterwards telling us that you are the sweetest most beautiful baby ever. Some even wanted to take you home. We were tempted, as you are teething right now and have also decided that you don't really need to nap.

Your belly laugh is divine, and you will giggle at most anything. You don't cry much, but when you do it breaks my heart. If the post office still had lickable stamps, I could rent you out now that you've discovered you have a tongue in your mouth and it's obviously fun to stick out, which makes me want to use you to lick all my envelopes shut. You are so close to waving. We know this because you'll stop what you're doing, look at your hand, wave the fingers towards you, and then go back to what you were doing. Your favorite toy is this hand-me-down cabbage patch doll you got. You LOVE this thing and enjoy trying to eat it, which creeps your daddy out a lot.

There is nothing more cuddly than nursing you in my big bed in the mornings when you are all warm and toasty in your fuzzy jammies. I love you so much, my sweet Natalie, more and more each second of the day.

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