09 October 2006

8 months

Wow. Eight months already. You've been growing exponentially lately, not so much in size but in development. You are no longer content to sit in one spot and play, you must move! Whether it's discovering that you can jump in your exersaucer and make a racket, or scooting on your butt over to the coffee table, where you attempt to pull up, or rolling all over kingdom come (a.k.a. the living room floor) to get what you want, be it a toy, the edge of the rug, or the stereo speaker. What melts my heart is that you think you are hot stuff for doing all this, as I'll call your name just as you are trying to claw your way up the speaker and you'll turn, make eyes at me, and smile your biggest grin. Which, as of this weekend, will no longer ever be toothless, and this makes me just a little sad.

It is a blessing and a curse that I am your most favorite person these days, as it means I am the only one who can calm you at 3am and rock you back to sleep. Daddy tries, but you just scream and scream until I come in the room, and then you fling yourself from his arms into mine and immediately quiet down, settling your sleep-heavy head into my neck and go back to dreamland. And while I hate the zombie feeling I have in the morning after these nights, I secretly love the time in the wee hours of the morning just rocking and cuddling, feeling your soft cheeks against mine, smelling your sweet baby smell.

I am more in love with you ever day it seems, little Natalie. You are so full of personality and excitment and "joie de vie." We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

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