15 November 2006


What the fuck am I thinking?? Three days ago I was plugging along, same old same old. Suddenly, I'm contemplating purchasing $876 worth of software and starting my own graphic design business. Insane? I'm starting to think so. Or else my fragile self confidence is eroding as time goes on.

My old boss came to me with a proposition, to do some brochure creation, writing, and editing for his new company. This would probably also include doing their annual report which is due in January. I've done this type of work before, but I've never had to make things print ready, and any idiot with a smidge of grey matter between their ears can figure out microsoft publisher. Now I'm waiting for some sort of written agreement and then I'm off to purchase Adobe Creative Suite and a big fat Adobe for Dummies book if I can find one. It's an amazing opportunity, one that I'd love to persue idealistically, and if it allows me to someday dump my current job all together, well that's even better. Realisticly? I'm starting to wonder if I'm not a little out of my mind.

The fact that a certain little beastie who shall remain nameless hasn't taken a nap AT ALL today isn't factoring into my current frame of mind. Nope. Not at all. Thank goodness cheerios and the exersaucer still hold here attention or I wouldn't have gotten a stich done today.

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