29 November 2006

Fun times

Turns out I have a "mass" in my uterus. Nice, eh? The doctor thinks it's just a giant clump of clotted blood, which would explain the fact that I'm on the 19th day of my period (if this is TMI, stop reading now) and I'm passing clumps of bright red bloody tissue. Nothing like being poked and prodded on a Wednesday afternoon to find this all out. So back on birth control I go, to (a) stop the bleeding, (b) regulate my period, and (c) make sure Natalie doesn't get a sibling any time soon. In a month, I'm back at the doctors for another sonogram to make sure that the mass has gone away, and if it hasn't, it's off for a D&C. Always an adventure down there in my plumbing. I had secretly hoped the drama would end magically after giving birth, but I guess not.

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