12 November 2006


We went to a friend's house for dinner Saturday night. A real, grown-up dinner party with china and stemware and cloth napkins. Not to mention our friends don't have kids (yet...), so their apartment was spotless and clean and free of brightly colored plastic. On top of it, despite being in an APARTMENT, they have more square footage than we do. Their kitchen had twice the counter and cabinet space, their "small" bedroom was bigger than our "master" bedroom. And they have about three times the closet space. Ok, so they don't have a patio or anything to BBQ on in the summer, but they also don't have they metric ton of leaves to rake either. It was so frustrating. We essentially live in a three bedroom* apartment with a yard.

*The 3rd bedroom is where I'm typing from, and it's so small, I don't even think you could fit a twin bed in here. Well, maybe you could, but you wouldn't be able to open the door all the way and you certainly wouldn't have room for any other furniture. I think my cubicle is bigger.

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