26 December 2006

1st Christmas

We survived! It was the most uneventful Christmas ever. Ok, maybe last year was when I was 72 months pregnant and spent pretty much the whole day on the couch eating cookies. We just hung out as a little family, opened presents, played, watched Natalie, watched movies, ate french toast for brunch, and only had to deal with parents and in-laws for brief visits via the telephone. It was rainy out which, to me, was perfect. I love rainy days, they just make me want to stay inside where it's safe and warm, and it's so rare to have one on a day where you really can stay inside and do nothing. Usually there are errands to run between rain drops and such. But not on Christmas. The only thing we had to do was drink our cocoa before it got cold.

Having a baby really hits home with the whole Christmas story thing. Being pregnant and giving birth in a barn just boggles my little mind after my cushy hospital c-section. Not to mention looking at your child, your sweet little thing that seems so innocent and pure and realizing that God sent his son in this same exact form, and I can't imagine that sacrifice, knowing that my child was going to have to die so that all of man kind could have the opportunity to be saved and spend an enternity in Heaven. It's amazing what God has done for us in so many ways. And we're not only thankful he sent His son, but that He sent our Natalie, who is the most beautiful and incredible creature that I can no longer imagine my life without.

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