09 January 2007

11 months

So so so very much going on these days. Partially your fault, Natalie, as you no longer sit still and are constantly on the move and some days decide that at the ripe old age of 11 months you are waaaay too much of a big girl to still nap. Partially, it's because your cousin's are here from Texas, meeting you in person for the first time, and loving you to pieces. You are enraptured with them, all their energy and excitement, smothering you with love and attention and so much joy that when they leave I'm dreading being stuck with your cranky self, who wonders why she's no longer up on a pedestal twenty four hours a day. Well, let me just drop the laundry and my work and forget about showering and fan you with palm fronds. But it's been great seeing them, I look at all of you and thing about what you'll be like together down the road, like being in each other's weddings, sharing in each other's lives when it's your turn to have your own kids, those sorts of things.

You are so close to walking it's scary. And I've caught you turning over the laundry basket and using it to try and climb up on the couch. This scares the shit out of me. You can stand by yourself, but you don't know it yet. If we catch you, we can get you to clap, where you let go with both hands, clap, and then realize "hey, aren't I supposed to be holding on?" and go back to clutching the coffee table for dear life. Walking is just around the corner, we know it. You are up to 6 teeth and I think you are working on numbers 7 and 8 based on the increased level of cranky in our house. And all your pants got too short over night, so I think to say you are growing could be an understatement. Your favorite food is mashed bananas, plain yougert, oatmeal and cinnamon mixed together. Other food, eh. You could take it or leave it. But this combo leaves you sitting in your high chair with your mouth open like a little bird, wanting more. I love it. If it didn't clog up your plumbing, I'd feed it to you every day. Sadly, I think tomorrow you are going to have to have some prunes.

I love you my sweet little one.

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