26 January 2007

Another year

I turned 29 last weekend. Wasn't all that exciting, although I did get taken out for coffee and Jim got me the converse I wanted and we spent all our birthday money at Ikea that morning (which is all still in its boxes a week later...big brown flatpack boxes taking up a major chunk of the dining room floor). I don't really like birthdays. It's not a getting older thing, I actually look forward to my 30's. I've heard they're better than your 20's. It's the catch 22 of not liking to be the center of attention and then feeling bad when no one remembers it's my birthday. The people who matter know, and I don't go around like a 6 year old, telling everyone it's my birthday on Saturday and I'm so excited!!!!! So it shouldn't surprise me that when Jim waited till the last minute to invite people to come out for coffee with us, most couldn't make it. Most didn't know that it was my birthday, hence didn't know to ask Jim if anything was up before they made their Saturday plans. I did get a few cards, but there are some people (family on his side, mostly) that I would expect to at least call on my birthday, but I didn't get even that. These are people that Jim insists we go out of our way to make sure we get a card in the mail or even a gift to when it's their turn. I feel silly feeling this way, but it just irks me. I do my best to remember my friends and family's birthday. And while I may not remember the exact day of Karen's birthday, I know it's near St. Patrick's Day, so I always send my sweet friend a card on the early side. And she always sends me something too. And she's just a friend from college. We're not even related. Asking to be remembered on one's birthday doesn't seem like that huge a request. I don't know. It's not like I'm ever going to bring it up because I don't want to seem like I'm whining, not to mention I'd feel bad making these people feel bad for forgetting my birthday in the first place! Bah.

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