16 January 2007


Our email server is down at work, which explains why I can't open my web-mail or whatever it's called. Woohoo! Guess I can't work while Natalie naps...instead I guess I'll just have to curl up on the couch with some tea and a movie. Hm. Rough life, eh?

Actually, it hasn't been a all easy-peasy lately. Natalie had her first cold, and I know she's feeling MUCH better because she refused to nap all day yesterday as well as this morning. Fine. So instead of trying to force her down this morning, I just let her play, watch some Sesame Street, fed her lunch, and got her to sleep in about 4.3 seconds about an hour early for her afternoon nap. Fingers crossed she stays out for more than a half hour. We're going out tonight for Jim's birthday and she needs to be happy, alert, and pleasant, not the crankpot she was last night.

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