12 January 2007

What a difference a year makes...

It hit me today: One year ago, I was 72 months pregnant and in that uber-nesting phase but knowing that my showers weren't till the end of the month was driving me nuts, because I felt like I had no stuff for the baby, and it killed me to not go buy things because I knew I'd be getting a lot of gifts, which I did, including a crib, stroller, car seat, etc. Jim had just started a brand new job at a small pharmacutical firm, they were working him like a dog but he was enjoying the work and his co-workers and not missing the micro-management that was sucking out his soul at the job he left. Little did we know this great new job would fire him at the 90 day mark just for the hell of it, little did we know that the baby would come 16 days early, that i'd end up going back to work, that Jim would be a stay at home dad all summer, and that a year later he'd be in an even BETTER job, with better people and way more job security, that I'd be getting more freelance work than I almost know what to do with, and Natalie would be the love of our lives in so many ways.

On top of this, it also hit me that it's been two weeks since my zoloft dosage was upped. Hm, could that explain my sunny demeanor? The feeling of control in my life? The sense that I can handle things, that I am in charge of my diet, that the foods I'm not supposed to eat don't call my name from the pantry shelf anymore? If so, I need to go find those zoloft people and give them a big wet kiss.

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