26 February 2007

Oh, fuck...

Jim said he saw a mouse in the kitchen.

I don't do rodents. Despite the fact that I grew up in a house with hamsters, guinea pigs, and both indoor and outdoor rabbits, wild rodents that are not invited in I just can't do. And somehow, I'm left to scour the kitchen and make sure every crumb is off the floor and the whole place is spotless. Easier said than done, as we have (a) a baby who adores throwing cheerios around and (b) the worlds ugliest kitchen floor. Now ugly isn't a problem in and of itself when it comes to cleanliness, but this floor, which was installed sometime circa 1970, it horrid. A construction manager lived in this house back then, doing many repairs himself (some good, like the gorgeous stone fireplace, others bad, like using gas pipes to replace the under sink plumbing - gas pipes erode and fall off when water runs through them for 30+ years). But as a guy, you can just see him saying to himself, "These tiles are GREAT! They totally hide any dirt!" What that means for us is that we usually can't find the cheerios Natalie throws on it till we step on them. Usually in bare feet, of course. It's rediculous. You have to get down on hands and knees and look sideways to try and find anything. Sometimes we have to breakout the flashlight in broad daylight to find that piece of muffin she chucked off her highchair. So the task of cleaning and keeping clean the kitchen? Yeah, it's going to suck.

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