08 February 2007

Time flies

Tomorrow, my dear sweet Natalie, you turn ONE. I'm shocked that this date is already here, and I can't stop the flashbacks going through my head of what I was doing THIS INSTANT one year ago RIGHT NOW. I believe I was at work, packing things up for tomorrow was going to be my last day. Little did I know I'd be leaving early with amniotic fluid leaking out of me and be sent by the doctor directly to the hospital. Insane. Now I know why my mom still gets a little weepy every year on my birthday. I will never forget that day, the day you were born.

You are a joy to have around. You've started the brave transition from crawling to walking. It's more of a Frakenstein lurch than any sort of graceful promenade, but you've got the basics down and are sometimes daring enough to take the 5 or 6 steps between me and daddy. You drink only from a sippy cup now and have finally shown interest in eating in the morning. Before last week you couldn't have cared less about food till you'd been up and at 'em for at least 2 hours. Now, half an hour after waking you are yammering for cheerios (a.k.a. crack for babies) and your morning fruit with cinnamon and yogurt. You babble non stop sometimes. I like to think I hear you saying words like "hi" and "dadee" and "all done," but I think I'm really just kidding myself. You bring so much laughter into our lives, sometimes without meaning to. You are just so damn cute we can't stand it.

On Saturday, grandma and grandpa will be here as well as a few friends and we're going to have chilli and cupcakes and celebrate your first birthday. You'll remember none of this, but I promise to take lots of pictures of you smearing your face with cupcake frosting. Then when your prom date comes to the door 17 years from now, we'll have all sorts of fun things to show him.

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