12 March 2007

13 Months

On Friday you turned 13 months old, my sweet little pumpkin baby. You celebrated by having a complete meltdown in the middle of playgroup, which is something you have Never Done. My friends didn't believe me when I said you could lose it on occasion, because I am so fortunate that when we are out in public and there are other people around, 99% of the time you are a perfect angel. Friday was part of that 1% when you aren't. I couldn't blame you, you were beyond exhaustion. You've been working more and more on your walking, and also seem to be working on a few more teeth. At least thats what I keep telling myself is the reason for your recent bout of crankiness. That and the fact that you are slowly becoming a toddler in front of my eyes.

It makes me sad that you'll never be a baby again. I cherish the 3am wakeup with you screaming bloody murder because those damn molars are hurting you. I cherish that time because it's one of the only times ever you'll sit still and cuddle while we rock in your great grandmothers rocking chair, while I whisper sweet nothings in your wee little ears. And while there is a lot that I'll miss, I do look forward to when you can run around the back yard yourself, and can talk to me, and color, and we can bake banana bread together, and so many other things.

Today you discovered that you could blow a zerbert on my stomach and we were both cracking up. You also "blow" on your eggs in the morning to cool them off. Two weeks ago it was snowing, but now it's getting up in the 60s during the day and I can't wait to hit the park when you get up from your nap. You love watching the other kids and swinging on the swings. You've also discovered what fun it is to ride in the car with the windows open. I love looking back and seeing your big grin and your squinty eyes braced against the blowing rush of air. I love you, Natalie, now and forever.

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