07 March 2007


Yesterday was our anniversary. 3 years ago we entered into wedded bliss in front of all our family and friends and all. We got lots of presents, and pigged out on lots of delish leftover wedding cake, and looking back, I don't think there's much I would have done differently. Yea, it was a big church wedding with all the trimmings, but we cut corners and I was proud of the fact that in DC, the total cost was about what it would have cost had we gotten married in suburban (and cheaper) Philly where I grew up. I probably would have sprung to get my makeup done professionally, and would have like a fancier reception site, but it wasn't that horrible or anything - and people LOVED our reception because we hit the nail on the head and had plenty of space, the right volume of background music (thank you to the high school girls from our church who performed as a string trio - excellent and CHEAP), good food, etc., so it came to be like an elegant dinner party instead of a wedding reception. We even had a buffet and no seating arrangements, which, suprisingly enough, worked out better than we could have hoped. It meant people mingled, and if they got stuck at a table without many people they knew, it wasn't like they were going to be mad at you for seating them there. In actuallity, there were some interesting combos of people - girls from my bible study sitting with Jim's mom's cousins - that had a lot of fun together. Who could ask for anything more?

Just for my husband to remember this day, the 6th of March.

If it wasn't for my mom leaving a goofy and overly excitied "happy anniversary" message on his cell, he wouldn't have remembered. But he admitted this is what reminded him, and he felt REALLY bad, and I have a feeling he'll be making it up to me big time. Which I feel very smug about. I'm crossing my fingers for a massage gift certificate.

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