19 March 2007

One of those weeks

I just had a lovely breakfast date with two old friends - Ben, and Jerry. Haven't seen them in a while as they are the type of friends who are no good for me, but I love them anyway. Especially when I'm all hormonal and have a headache and a sinus infection. Ben and Jerry always make me feel better.

Speaking of friends, we have a new one living with us. Jerome moved in during the cold snap about 2 weeks ago. I guess he was homeless or his house was frozen over. He currently lives behind our stove and has completely ignored the peanut butter we leave out for him in friendly little boxes with doors on them to keep him in. And even though all the dry goods in the kitchen are now in assorted plastic storage bins where he can't nibble on the packages, he's still around. Dared to even come in the living room while we were watching a movie friday night. Oh well. Guess he missed his chance to go live in the park with the rest of his little friends, because Jim is hitting the hardware store to pick up some old fashioned traps and poor Jerome is just going to get his neck snapped in two. I have no patience for houseguests like him, and while I believe in kindness to animals and I don't wear fur (ha, like I could afford it anyway...) etc., there is just something about a mouse in my kitchen that skeeves me out.

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