03 April 2007

Busy busy busy

Lots going on. To sum up:

#1 - Jerome is dead. Despite being a no-kill mouse trap, he was one stiff little critter in there when we discovered him. Perhaps it was an allergic reaction to the peanut butter we put in there?

#2 - Natalie got a black eye at the Y from running full steam ahead into a chair. Yikes.

#3 - Mom and dad bought a vacation house! Shocking!! I grew up thinking only rich people did this, but it really is a smart investment. They have property and are close to the beach and in a quiet town on the bay...they will either retire to this house and put an addition on it, or sell it in 5-10 years and use the money they are sure to make on it to buy their dream home. In the meantime, FREE VACATIONS WITH BABYSITTING. Who could ask for more?

#4 - Did I mention we had a chicken in our backyard? I didn't? Well, I thought it was a hurt goose or something but no, it was a rooster. In our yard. Sqwaking away. Natalie was fascinated, and we did what any good suburbanite would do when confronted with a barn yard animal: We took pictures (sorry it's blurry, but that was one fast rooster). #5 - Once the black eye healed up, Natalie did a face plant on the sidewalk. Scraped up her cheek and her nose. I think I cried more than she did. So much for taking some cute Easter pictures under our pink blooming cherry tree.

#6 - I've started work on this big freelance project and I can't believe they are paying me to write about things I don't even understand. I'm just taking the research they give me and turning it into paragraphs and crossing my fingers that it all makes sense to someone who understands.

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