10 June 2007

16 Months

Yesterday, Natalie, you turned 16 months old. And as always, you continue to astound me every day. You are getting smarter and smarter, and funnier and funnier. Your sense of humor is fantastic, and your little personality is really starting to shine. I love your shrieks of delight when you see something or someone you like. You've FINALLY started calling me mamma and mommy, which delights me to no end. We've been busy this last week and it's really tired you out, so I think I may have to keep up this level of activity, but I'm not sure I can handle it without napping as much as you. It's been hot so we've been in the pool lately. And by "pool" I mean the paddling pool out in the back yard. You love it and will play in there for ages, all slathered in sun screen with your bathing suit half falling off because it's too big, and your mismatched floppy hawaiian sun hat shading your bald little head. You are saying more and more words; it seems like something new makes it into your vocabulary every day. "Buhbuhs" are your favorites, "Lay" lives across the street, and you can point out the color "lellow." Your eyes light up when you see a pretzel, and I can no longer drink out of my water bottle in front of you because you insist on drinking out of it too, which means you also end up wearing most of my water. You love other kids, and are so energized by being around them. It's wonderful watching you play with our playgroup, to see you 6 munchkins grow up so much and how we used to sit on the floor with floppy babies who would tip over if we weren't there to help hold them up. Now we've got little people who walk and talk and feed themselves and interact with each other. It's just wonderful.

I love you so much my precious little girl. My the next month bring more joy and excitement in all our lives, and may you continue to grow and blossom.

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thethinker said...

How adorable!