07 June 2007

New floor

Hopefully by tonight, I will have a new kitchen floor! The narsty circa 1970's one is all gone, in heaps of rubble in my driveway, waiting to be picked up by the flooring guy's partner when he gets back with the pickup truck. Sure, we're only puttling down some peel and stick tile to replace it, but it will be easier to clean, easier to find cheerios on this new floor, and it will be much much prettier. Not to mention we won't have to trip over the giant divot in front of the dishwasher where we had to dig out the 30 year old dishwasher that came with the house. The one that exploded water all over the kitchen when we tried to run it on a lark just to see if it still worked. Cannot believe the sellers got away with putting that on the listing. That and the refrigerator (smelled like rotton fish and didn't work), the water heater (contained 5 minutes of hot water and then your first shower after a long day of working on the crap hole you just bought turns ice cold) and the dryer (gas, wasn't hooked up, looking like it could light the house on fire) all conveyed. Heh. But I digress.

So excited for my new floor. Someday, once we've replaced cabinets, countertips, and other fun things, we'll peel up the cheap-o tiles and lay down a proper tile (or bamboo! or cork! I'm pushing for something funky) floor. This is exciting because it's the first step towards a kitchen that makes one actually want to spend time cooking in it.

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