14 June 2007

Oh Fuck.

I have a hotmail account. Have had it for ages, since college, when I moved off campus, didn't have internet in our apartment (imagine! it was like the dark ages back then!), and the school's email system at the library was like a cousin of lexus nexus it was so primitive. So everyone got hotmail or yahoo accounts and had their .edu email forwarded there. Which means I have emails from some very important people in that account (namely, ex-boyfriends who sadly still hold a really special place in my heart, especially in times like these when one's husband is being an arse), not to mention a lot of random email addresses of people I don't talk to all the much, etc. Old emails are kind of like a diary of sorts. There's exchanges between me and friends during all sorts of trying times in those turbulent and oh-so-dramatic early to mid-twenties. Break ups with boyfriends or girlfriends, moving to new cities, wedding planning, death of a parent, catching up with old friends.

Hotmail started sucking a few years back, so I switched to gmail. Most people know this, but I still get the random email on my hotmail account that isn't about enlarging my penis or how to get oxytocin from overseas cheap. So I don't check it often, maybe every other week, maybe less. I went in there tonight to check and almost shit my pants when I discovered hotmail/windows had changed their setup. ALL MY EMAILS, FOLDERS, CONTACTS - ALL GONE. Seriously, I'm having palpatations here.

What pisses me off is the little notice next to the login that says "Already have a Hotmail account? When you switch to Windows Live Hotmail, all your emails and contacts will be transfered for you! Just log in over on the right." Transfer my ASS. I've already sent my nasty email to Bill Gates.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to go cry. Not that I wasn't going to before, but before I was in the mood for the type of cry that comes with reading the emails of an old friend who I am missing dearly right now. Good thing my period is done tomorrow. Damn hormones.


Mac's niece said...

Dear Katie,

I stop by your blog sometimes - I loved the name, and like you left work to look after my baby - now 5 years old. So I enjoy reading about your daughter and how she has grown - reminds me of my boy.

I'm so sorry you seem to be having such a hard time, and I know the desolate feeling of despair when old comforts are lost suddenly, as with your old emails. Sometimes though, when something is ripped away like that, it can help you to move on from them, and feel stronger when the pain diminishes. I wish you a return to happiness and optimism very soon.

- a blogging friend

william d. anderson said...

thanks for letting me laugh at your misery. i like your writing. sorry about the emails. i'm going to go check my defunk hotmail account right now. maybe i'll even jot down a couple of addresses.