21 June 2007


He passed. Thank God, and I mean that very seriously. I feel like I've been single parenting for the past 4-5 months as he took the prep course and studied for this exam (a professional exam that gets letters next to his name, peer recognition, and hopefully some more moola). I put Natalie to bed every single night. I take care of her five days a week, and then have to do it all on the weekends, too. I'm glad he passed, but sadly, I'm more glad for me. There's going to be some changes around here. He's going to have to do more with Natalie, sometimes cook dinner, do the occasional load of laundry. I was ready to snap I was so strung out from doing EVERYTHING around this house lately. So it feels like a weight has lifted now that this exam is over and he passed and that's it. I think he knows some changes have to occur; I'll give him till the weekend to start taking some initiative. In the meantime, my life goes on. Baby with a cold, lots of writing to catch up on, house is a disaster zone.

In the words of my neighbor who has helped keep me sane through all this, "At least now we know for sure that he was really studying and not having an affair all this time." True, true.

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