24 June 2007


We spent 2 hours at the pediatritian on Saturday. Natalie had had a cold this past Monday, but no fever since Tuesday. She had a bit of a runny nose (she's a toddler, what toddler doesn't have a runny nose), which grew into a bit of a runny nose with a cough. No worries, she was in good spirits and those two things tend to go together. I just figured it was taking her a while to get better. Then Friday night was hellish. The coughing got worse, it was waking her up, it was so violent at times she would almost gag herself. At a loss of what else to do for her, we said a thankful prayer that the ped has Saturday hours and called them as soon as they were open. So in we went and lo and behold, Natalie has bronchiolitis. Not bronchitis, and I don't really understand the difference, but the short story is her cold caused her to have a reaction in which she wasn't getting enough oxygen into her lungs and thus into her blood stream. During the two hours there we did 2 treatments with a nebulizer (which we then got to take home for the next few days), they checked and rechecked her blood oxygen levels, and we all got a little nervous. They basicially treat this like they would treat an asthma attack. She must know the nebulizer helps because when we do it at home, she now wants to hold the thingee up to her nose and will push me away so she can do it herself. Can't argue with that. Today we went back to see the doctor (who came in on a Sunday!!) and all her levels checked out much better than yesterday.

Down the road, we just have to be aware of this possible reaction anytime she gets a cold, and there is a slightly increased risk of developing asthma. So, for now, we're thankful for a great group of pediatritians and a little girl who is doing much better.

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