09 July 2007

17 Months

Today, little Natalie, you turn 17 months old. What is extra special about July 9th is that it was also the day, 2 years ago exactly, I discovered I was pregnant with you, AND the baby panda was born at the National Zoo 2 years ago today as well. What a lovely day it was, with three pee sticks all saying the same thing and me and your father in denial, which resulted in an additional pee stick the next day and me having a complete breakdown in church and bawling my eyes out during communion. My how things have changed since then!

It seems cliche because I say it all the time, but you are just gaining personality by the nanosecond. You are so conversational and coy and flirty and silly. We still don't know what you're saying most of the time, but we you answer yes and no questions now which is great. You've also started siting on the potty and actually going, which is freaking us out. I'm starting to get more and more comments about how smart you are and such from other people and especially other moms, so I hope I can raise you not to be that socially awkward really smart kid like I and your uncle Tim were back in the day because your grandparents are both royal dorks (but we love them a LOT).

I'd write more, but it seems you have decided to hell with the afternoon nap, so I guess it's time to feed you (again) and head out to Border's. It's hot as sin today, so we're going to go hang out there where you can run around and read books and Mamma can get an iced coffee and sit down in the cool airconditioning. I love you so much Natalie, even when you are screaming because you think naps are for sissies. You are the light of my life.

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