06 July 2007

4th of July

We had fun on the 4th, despite the weather being crappy - muggy, overcast, and we weren't sure if we were hearing fireworks of thunder. But we managed to get everything on the grill before it rained and eating inside probably eliminated a lot of bug bites. Natalie was in rare form, which is actually not the rare on occasions like this when she has an audience other than me. We were at Jim's sister's house, and there were a few other people, but Natalie was the only baby. The beer and wine was flowing, so everyone was in good spiritis and she just fed off those vibes and was hysterical. She's just funny, there's really no way to describe it, but she laughs and chases people and will flirt and try to tickle you and looks for everyone's belly buttons.

But I did feel a little like I was inside The Very Hungry Caterpillar...Natalie ate 1 turkey burger, 2 apricots, 3 slices of watermelon, 1 hunk of cucumber, many tortilla chips, more watermelon, a pile of grilled veggies, berries, and a teeny bit of ice cream. The child is only 20% in weight, so this appetite of hers is a testiment to the fact that she Never Sits Still. Ever.

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