02 July 2007


I frequent Starbucks more than I'd like to admit, especially for someone who is very anti-corporate coffee, and who thinks Starbucks coffee isn't all that great to begin with. But the closest independant coffee shop is in the midst of a new owner redo, and hasn't re-opened yet. The next closest one is 15 min away, which is pathetic since we're in a semi-urban area right outside DC. So Starbucks it is. I don't get fancy drinks, and since I'm so frickin hot all the time, my usual is an iced coffee. I'm a decaf drinker for a few reasons, but especially since I usually go for coffee in the late afternoon or evening. Starbucks doesn't do iced decaf because no one ever asks for it. I find that hard to believe.

What drives me nuts is the annoying look the one barista at our local bucks'o'star gives me when the cashier calls out "Grande iced decaf coffee unsweetened." This barista looks at me with such disdain and says, "We don't DO iced decaf. I can make you an iced Americano." Well, an iced Americano costs more, so my reply is "Can you just put some drip decaf in a cup with ice?" and the barista says with a tone of shear exasperation in her voice "Yeah, but it won't be as strong." Fine with me. This exchange happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. Doesn't happen at Border's where we sometimes hang out on really hot or really wet days. Or at either of my independant coffee shops. They just put the damn decaf in a cup with ice.

On top of all that, this barista who looks at me like I'm some idiot for ordering decaf in the evening, has a moustache. Oh wait, did you catch on to the fact that this barista is a woman? Yeah. I'm the idiot. Perhaps next time I should bring her some cream bleach.


Mac's niece said...

I'm with you - that kind of superior attitude from shop staff is really annoying. But maybe she is having a perpetually bad day. It's not that many years ago that we got our first US style coffee shops in the UK. You'd laugh at our coffee menus, they are so short compared with yours as we can't quite cope with all the fancy permutations!

Katie said...

She definately needs a hug or something!