11 July 2007

Boore. Ring.

I currently have three jobs. Four if you count toddler wrangling. Which I spent an hour doing at the mall this morning when a certain someone's attention span for the live kids music quit and she decided it was more fun to run the halls with a few of her little friends who were also there. Gotta say, the music was actually pretty good. Nothing treacly or overly sickening, just a guy and his guitar and he was excellent at engaging the kids and he was even playing some Simon and Garfunkle before everything got started. My kind of guy.

But I digress. My jobs are, in reverse order:

#3 - Freelance writer: Sounds so much cooler than it really is, but it's one of the first times I'm actually using my history degree - I can research a topic I know nothing about and whip up a paper on it no problem. Currently working on a project for ABC Consulting (duh, not its real name) who is putting together a buyers guide for different software options for the work they consult on. I'm the one taking the 12 pages of interview notes for the different software companies and turning them into 3-4 page profiles. Boring, but pays well.

#2 - Writer: A more regular gig (except when they start changing due dates around), my dad does some work for ABC Consulting and they wanted him to write 3 articles for their bi-monthly trade publication. He didn't have the time but knew the exposure would be good for his own work, so he feeds me the research and I do the writing and he gets to put his name on it. On a good day, I can spit out these 1200 word articles in one sitting.

#1 - Publications Editor/Coordinator: This is my steady paycheck. It was my full-time pre-baby job that I thank God every day was able to turn into a part time from home position. It doesn't take near the amount of hours I'm contracted for, but that's not my problem. I despised this job because of the politics and some serious jerks I had to deal with, but appreciated it for the (mostly) nice people, the flexible hours, and decent pay. Amazing how I don't mind it as much now that I don't have coworkers or have to waste my time sitting in a cube waiting for people to get back to me, since I am always quick to work and send things off ASAP, where as many of the people I worked with didn't exactly have the same work ethic.

Today, instead of sitting in a cramped conference room for a torturous 2-hour long all hands meeting, where I'd be in the corner with my water bottle and a scratch pad, doodling away, I'm instead sitting at home, with the phone on speaker and mute, typing on my blog, using the toilet, making lunch, checking email, etc. Much nicer way to deal with these things. The morning mall music fest was timed perfectly so that we got home, put a pooped out Natalie down for a nap and I called in. I'm such an introvert, I enjoy not having to deal with people all day. Toddlers are much more honest and black and white and don't partake in office politics.


Mac's niece said...

Well done on escaping the conference call torture. I used to have to endure those too, and sometimes ours were videoconferences so hard to slope off!!!!

Katie said...

OMG! I'd be so screwed if we had videoconferences, since back in the early days I would sometimes settle down and breastfeed my daughter through long work phone calls!! HA! Can you imagine my coworkers?!