21 July 2007


I pre-ordered HP7 but didn't pay for the special overnight shipping, so I figured my book would show up on tuesday or wednesday, which was perfect as my mother-in-law is coming on the 30th and I was looking forward to letting her babysit while I headed down to my favorite coffee shop, the one with the big mismatched couches where all the hip urbanites hang out, getting lunch and a mocha and nestling in for a nice long reading session. Now I don't know if I'll be able to not finish the book before then. Damn!

So I think I'll throw my to-do list out for today and enjoy the perfect weather and while Natalie is napping, go sit on the patio and read. Then I'm giving the book to my neighbor and telling her to hide it at her house till next Monday when Jim's mom arrives. I want to savor the combination of babysitter and good book for as long as possible.

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